Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bypass Surgery Complications Avoided Using Young Living Essential Oils

It all happened so fast...exactly 1 month to the day from when the first sign appeared till the time the surgeon reported he successfully performed Quintuple Bypass Surgery on my father. I can't say I was surprised to learn that the years of abusing his body finally caught up with my him, but the news was devastating just the same. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure had manifested into Chronic Renal Failure which made performing an Angiogram a major risk to his already poorly functioning kidneys. But the heart takes precedence over the kidneys, after all you can live on dialysis, but not without a heart.

The results of the Angiogram revealed 5 major obstructions that were over 95% blocked. My dad was a walking time bomb. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. I was an emotional wreck and he was scared. I just wished that none of this was happening, then all of a sudden, I was thankful it was happening. He was having Quintuple Bypass Surgery, a preventative measure. It took off the table "your father had a massive heart attack" phone call that was bound to happen if left unchecked.

After surgery his kidney function started to decline rapidly. While it is common after having a CABG or Bypass Surgery for the kidneys to lose some function, but in patients with Chronic Renal Failure it is even worse. My father had no urine output for 12 hours before I started using Young Living Essential Oils on him.

I used the formula found in the Essential Oils Desk Reference to increase urine output and strengthen the kidneys and also the essential oil formula for Edema. In two days the pitting edema was gone and the kidneys "made a huge turn around". That is an exact quote from his Renal doctor (she was impressed).

I am continuing the oils to strengthen his kidneys, and using Melrose and Lavender Essential Oils on his incision sites which are healing beautifully. I can't wait till his follow-up visit on Wednesday. I am sure the doctor will be impressed with my fathers progress.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Young Living Essential Oils vs. Morton's Neuroma

I was in the final stages of rebuilding our new home after Hurricane Katrina when the first signs of Morton's Neuroma hit.

I was wearing flip flops on the job site because I had only light work to accomplish on this particularly hot day in New Orleans. I remember kneeling down to look at some color samples spread out on the floor when the pain in my right foot brought tears to my eyes. I didn't know what to think at the time, but being a nurse I started to assess my foot and the possible cause for this extreme pain I was feeling.

At first, upon visual inspection, I didn't think the flip flop was causing the problem because the little leather strap was between my big and second toe and the pain was definitely coming from my 3rd and 4th metatarsal region. When I physically touched where the pain was coming from I felt a knot. I gently massaged it with the only Young Living Essential Oil I had with me called PanAway. I was able, with great effort, to make it back to the apartment our family was renting to do some research on-line and in my nursing reference books.

I found, what I thought was the problem, and called a doctor friend of mine who came over and confirmed that it was in fact Morton's Neuroma. I researched my options for relieving the pain.

One option was Alcohol Sclerosing Injections. In this treatment, the doctor injects a small amount of alcohol in the area of the neuroma area to help harden (sclerose) the nerve and relieve the pain. Injections are given every 7–10 days and, in many cases, 4–7 injections are needed for maximum relief. This type of conservative treatment does not work for most and minor surgery is usually necessary.

None of these options were for me. So I went to my Essential Oil Desk Reference and found an oil for inflammation, nerves and pain. I chose Deep Relief roll-on, PanAway, Helichrysum and lemongrass.

I applied each of these oils every time I felt pain which in the beginning felt like every 15 minutes. The application of the Deep Relief roll-on felt euphoric on my foot. I stayed off of my foot as much as possible (with four children under 9 that wasn't easy) and kept it elevated.

I experienced a noticeable difference the next day and continued to improve everyday after. I had no signs or symptoms of Morton's Neuroma after 3 days of using the Young Living Essential Oils.

If you know anyone who is experiencing the horrible pain associated with Morton's Neuroma please tell them about this testimonial and they will thank you tremendously. I've since heard of people suffering with this condition for years. If you would like more information please feel free. Follow the link on www.ChooseLivingYoung.com